The Functions Required to Produce a Video Ad

The functions required to produce a video ad for social media include few set of parameters you should pay attention on before starting.

The investment you will do will affects the whole process of producing a new video ad. The more you invest, the fast you can create it! Each concept will require a different set of elements, but the basic set up requirements is the following:


  • You must have a very strong and fast gamer PC or a Mac with a killer graphic card and lots of RAM memory, preferably with at least 2 SSD Cards with 1T storage capacity.
    This is the best description for a smooth flow from editing to rendering the video with no waste of time.

App/Software & Plugins:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • A few plugins that can speed up your video editing time such as:
    Video Copilot, Motion 2, Mr Horse, Red Giant.

Online Services:

  • Video/photo/image/audio gallery such as shutterstock, stockphoto, envato elements, video blocks, 123rf, etc.
  • Fiverr or some similar service in case we want video voice over.
  • Cloud Storage for all the files (like dropbox).
  • Task Manager App: it helps to keep all the data for each task saved into one place.
    (i’m currently using Wrike and i’m amazed with this tool).

Studio Kit:

in case we need in-house shooting footage we will need to purchase few studio elements like green screen, stand, spotlight, tripod, etc. and a room where we can storage it all.


3 screens + 1 smartv connection, very helpful for brainstorming such as mobile devices for QAing the final product.

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