Operational and Execution Quarterly Plan For Video Ad Creating

Today you can make a simple video in few minutes and upload to any Social Media Channels. There are lots of apps that are very helpful on video editing like Quik, FilmoraGo, Magisto and so on. But the most important for Brand Video Ad is to have strong and dynamic templates.

A dynamic template is not the kind of video you produce in few minutes. Usually you put lots of efforts till you have one template that allows you to create multiple files very fast, covering the work load on handeling some Social Media Channels, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

As the one who is responsible for the video operation department, we can categorize the work load (Social Media, Product Tutorial for the site, Brand & HR video ads) into 2 big classes or groups: Institutional and Promotional.

The first one, Product Tutorial for the site, Brand and HR videos are totally institutional and informative. Like an announcement: “131 M total raised in 2 years!”, HR “We Are Hiring” or event slideshow.

The second one, is Promotional (business/campaigns oriented), which are usually short videos that are Persuasive or Reminder, motivating people to make a purchase for example.

For starting, we must to set up the working environment, so in the next 2 weeks is for learning the business and sharpening the goals. In the end of the first month we should be presenting storyboards for 5 different New Concept Templates that will allow you to create at least a video per day.

In red is the environment set up. Followed by 2 very intensive weeks of learning the product, services, core business, etc. that will lead us to produce a Brainstorm Concepts presentation, showed in blue. By the end of the first month we will be able to produce a presentation with 5 different new concept storyboards, in yellow.

January Schedule


The main idea is to have a new template every 2 weeks for the next 2 months.

February Schedule


Up to the end of the 3rd month we should have 4 New Concepts live and is very important to start getting feedback of videos performance.
This way we can evaluate which concept direction is performing the best and improve it even more. Once this is done we can move on with some Institutional videos for HR and Tutorials.

March Schedule


In the beggining of the fourth month we will be able to create a HR or Corporate video ad concept.

April Schedule

After 4 months, we can have 5 different new concept templates that can be easely adapted to multiple channels, covering a huge range of campaigns, and with 2 or 3 Institutional video ad. The capacity of video producing can be faster in case after the first quarterly you see the need to scale it up and add to the team 1 more worker, so we can be producing 3 videos per day at least.

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