The Process From A-Z of Creating a Video Ad for Facebook or YouTube

In order to produce a Video Ad for Social Media Channels, such as YoutTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on, we need to be aware of few elements before starting:

  • The tools you have:
    Specs, bank gallery or in-house footage shooting, software & plugins.
  • The time you have:
    The time-frame we have till delivering the final product affects on the concept we choose. Social Posts don’t need to take too much time for execution, cause the final product are short videos. HR or Marketing video should take more time, not because it’s more complicated, but on priority wise. Usually the intention of those creatives are not to generate money, but presence to the company, when compared to a business or promotional video ad.
  • The environment:
    Channel and placement specifications are crucial for creating the right format to the right need.

Having said that, we can divide the process of video creating into 6 phases:

1. Brainstorming (average 2 days)

  • Learn the product/service.
  • What are the goals?
  • Who is our audience?
  • Where will be the video be displayed (channel/placement)?
  • Creative reference videos, pin, banner, etc.
  • Defining the idea/concept.

2. Storyboard (Idea Digestion – average 4 days)

We must to be very clear on what is the story we are telling on the concept. The storyboard should present only key frame designs, with some description of transition/animations/effects we want to apply. Is important to collect all the footage you will need, either is from a bank gallery or voice over service or in-house shooting scenes.

3. Video Production (average 3 days)

This topic will be more developed on the functions required article.

4. Approval/feedback/fixing (average 1 day)

Usually we have few text or audio fixing. It shouldn’t take too long in case phase 1 and 2 were succeded done.

5. Adaptions for each social media & Ad Placement (average 1 day)

Different length, size, can be also a twist of the same concept (like adding instagram badges into a video, or a boomerang video).

6. Delivery

The average time load is for each New Concept Template. This is a very dynamic parameter that can be affected by any change on the Storyboard Footage. I guess that the 2 first phases are the most important. If the idea and storyboard are not clear, you will have a big list of fixing do after sending your video for approval. Always keeping in mind:
Clear idea (brainstorm & storyboard), less feedback/fixing, on time delivery with no stress.

If you work by using this flow as listed above, you will enjoy a very smooth process on creating the video ads and reaching the goals specified on the brainstorm.

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