Top Elements to Take Into Consideration When Creating a Video Ad

The first decision is the type of Ad we want to create. There are three basic types of ads:


Often used to launch a new product or to reach a new group of customers, gives people basic information, like what a product does, how someone might use it, where they can find it, and what the price point is. The objective is to capture interest, raise awareness, leave a positive impression, and motivate people to take the next step, like making a purchase or requesting more information.


Generally aims to increase demand, influence people to change brands, or motivate people to make a purchase. It might show the benefits a product offers or compare key features against a leading competitor.


Reminds people who already know—and potentially like—a brand, with a goal of keeping the product or service top-of-mind for future purchases. It reinforces messages from other ads, and may include customer testimonials.

Once the type of Ad is clear, the top elements we need to take into consideration when creating a SHORT, ACTIONABLE, GOAL-ORIENTED and EASY video ad for social media channels are:

  • Story Telling:
    We need to help the user to see a clear story, focusing on the end result, or the action, we want him to do. Such as Apply, Subscribe, Pay, Read More, and so on. the video story should be: Fun, Emotional, and Highly Shareable (for Facebook), Captivating, Thoughtful, and Inspiring (for Instagram), Discorevable, Explainable (for Youtube).
  • Create a Strong Template:
    It will help for fast work on creating multiple versions for the ad.
  • Understanding the Environment:
    Although you can always create a short video and just upload the same one into all your social media channels, you will need to adapt the video to each channel. It’s fine to used the same video ad cross board, cause at least you are showing up new content and refreshing your social channels. But if you want to take it to the next level, you need to consider making small twists for adapting the video ad to each channel & placement.
  • Small Twist:
    Can be a resize, from portrait to landscape or 1:1, etc. or it can be a modification by adding elements that the user is familiar to (like Instagram Stickers for example). In the end, you will create a kind of “tailor made video” for each social media, on the relevant ad placement. At least from my best practices with video ads, i would recommend to always modify the video ad size/concept/length/etc. cause each Channel is a different environment.
  • Long Range Scope:
    Never forget the video alone can make a lot, but not all alone. the video is a tool to boost the campaign and reaching the goal. if the video is connected to a dedicated landing page showing the benefits of the service and the designs are connected by having similar elements like colors, presenter, etc it can make a solid flow.

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